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The Future is Female: 5 Powerful Women in Network Marketing

The Future is Female: 5 Powerful Women in Network Marketing

These five women in network marketing are changing the game, writing their own rules, and consulting on the creation of new companies.

The majority of network marketers in the world are women. They’re able to build huge networks and are leading major organizations and generating true wealth in the process.

But, some women take their role even further — starting their own network marketing companies and building a legacy. Learn more about five of the top women in network marketing and get inspired by their powerful stories.

Donna Johnson

Donna Johnson is known across the MLM world as a mentor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author. As a network marketer for more than thirty years, she has grown her network to bring in more than $40 million per month!

As a single mom she built one of the largest networks in the world all while maintaining her small-town Wisconsin-girl spunk. She has helped more than 1,000 people reach a leadership position in their company and is a pioneer that empowers women from all walks of life.

While Donna could have retired after all of her success, today she is passionate about bringing business opportunities to the world and she continues to influence entrepreneurs as a speaker at events around the globe.

Esther Spina

Esther Spina has only been in the MLM game for 9 years. She started off with no prior sales experience and in less than three years was able to climb the ladder to her company’s highest position.

After her success, Esther has put together multiple programs to try to help other people be successful. She organizes an annual Ambitious Women Conference where she trains other women on how to achieve their dreams. She is also the successful author of a book, “The Ambitious Woman: What it Takes and Why You Want to Be One”.

Kathleen Deggelman

Kathleen Deggelman spent the first 25 years of her career putting in long hours working in corporate America. About nine years ago, she decided to empower her own self development and started her first business as a network marketer.

Since then, she has become a 7-figure earner for two companies and has an online business presence that expands to more than 55 countries. She loves network marketing and sees herself as a global ambassador. She offers training and seminars to others in the community.

Sonia Stringer

Sonia Stringer is a professional network marketing coach and popular mentor with more than 500,000 women having gone through her program. She is known as a go-to expert for women who want to build six-figure businesses.

She founded her own “Savvy Women Leadership Academy” where she empowers women with the tools and training they need to crush their goals and live their dream lifestyle.

She’s also a regular contributor to both “Upline” and “Networking Times” magazines and a faculty member at the Networking Times University.

Lisa Grossmann

Lisa Grossman didn’t start as a network marketer, she actually began her career as part of a family-owned business. But, in the late 1980s, she joined her first company and worked her way up through the compensation program. She has a network of over 150,000 people underneath her and generates a 7-figure income.

In 2008, she co-founded a company called Your Vision Partners, Inc where she consults on domestic and international expansion, operations, and product development for network marketing companies. She has also provided training for executives on what it takes to create a successful downline.

Guidance for Women in Network Marketing

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