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7 Tips for Nurturing New Leads

7 Tips for Nurturing New Leads

Building a successful network marketing business requires a proven sales process, especially when you land a new lead. Otherwise, you risk losing the opportunity. Check out these best practices for nurturing new leads.

What does it mean to lose a lead?

There are all sorts of terms for it. A lead can “go cold”, they “get stale”. But the basic idea is, if you don’t follow up on a lead quickly, you’re sure to lose it.

Proper lead hygiene can help you focus your attention on getting the right leads and maintain their desire through the sales process.

Rather than scattering your efforts to the masses reaching out to anyone and everyone, you can target exactly the people that would be interested in your products with no time wasted.

What if you could walk your prospects to the finish line with a proven sales funnel? Want to know how? Keep reading and follow these 7 tips.

1. Focus on Your Target Customers

Knowing the profile of the customers your products and services appeal to is an extremely valuable asset to your business both for targeting and recapturing a lead.

You need to study the demographics, behaviors, and patterns of the people that buy from you so that you can target new prospects that share the same values and opinions. That way, you can target your sales pitch toward their needs and wants.

Focus on what your product does that creates value for your customers and then focus on the people that need that service in their lives.

2. Walk Your Leads Through Your Sales Funnel

The sales funnel is a topic taught in business school. The basic premise is that you must first capture the attention of a lot of people, before educating them about your products and then walking them to the point of sale.

You can’t just bombard a lead with information about your product and leave them to form their own conclusion. You need to set aside time to talk to your leads individually and find out what is going on in their lives so that you can share with them how your business model would fit into their routine.

If you give your prospects the time they need to share their thoughts on your products and offer them high-value service, they’ll be more likely to want to hear more.

3. Gather Information from Your Prospects

It all comes down to the amount of information you can gain about a prospect. You need to be asking the right questions. Make contact with new leads immediately and set up a time to learn more about them.

Ask them things like what would hold you back from doing something like this?

Find out where they are at in life right now, particularly with Coronavirus affecting the country. You want to make sure you’re being receptive to your customers so they buy what they need from you and not someone else. Or, so that they have all of the information they need to join your team.

4. Be Available When a Lead Reaches Out

You never know when someone is going to get back to you with interest in your products or joining your team. Make sure you’re ready to pick up the phone whenever someone calls or responds to one of your messages.

If you can’t be available all of the time, it’s best to leave voicemails that let people know when is a good time to reach you.

5. Keep in Touch and Get to Know Your Customers

The best network marketers get to know their team members and understand what motivates them. They reward their performance and build up their desire to succeed.

But, that’s only one side of your business. Just like you get to know your upline and downline, you should also get to know your customers.

You never know who might want to convert into a team member in the future. Leads can come from anywhere and if you follow-up with people and they love your products, there is no telling what might happen.

6. Follow-Up After a New Sale

Once someone purchases one of your products, you’ve opened the door to selling them more. Give them some time to enjoy whatever they purchased, but make sure you follow-up after a sale.

Ask them what they liked about the product and if they might like to try something else in the line that goes well with it. Make sure that you focus on the benefits of your products and how they work together as a system to give the best results.

7. Keep Your Leads Organized

Don’t let your leads sit untouched for too long, or they may go stale. It’s best to follow up as soon as possible and set an appointment with your prospect to give them more information.

In order to make the most of your leads, it’s important to keep your leads organized. Have a system in place for managing your contacts. Log all your interactions to have an accurate history of your communication with your leads.

For More Help Managing Your Leads

Kalypso’s network marketing app can help you organize leads in a way that is both efficient and custom to you and your network.

Custom tags, importing customers, setting reminders, communication history — it’s all there to help you succeed in managing your contacts and converting leads to long time customers.

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