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Finding the Right Sponsor & the Importance of Being Coachable

Finding the Right Sponsor & the Importance of Being Coachable

Being coachable and finding the right sponsor are two major ingredients to your success as a network marketer. Learn how to make the right choice here.

When a company really starts to grow and there are a lot of affiliates and distributors in the market, it’s common to find multiple people in the same company who are looking to give you an opportunity.

It can be difficult to decide how to make a decision on whose team to join. You don’t want to choose your team based on who is giving away a free t-shirt.

When you see people within a company competing for your interest in joining their team, you should look for a sponsor with a long term plan. Choose someone who is a true leader that is willing to help you develop the necessary skills to become a top earner in your network.

Keep reading to learn more about choosing the right sponsor and why it is important to be coachable.

Choose a True Leader

A true leader will be able to outline the path that you need to walk to be successful with your company. They will also work directly with you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and develop an individualized plan specific to you and your goals.

Learn From a Professional

A professional is more than just someone who has experience doing what you’re trying to do themselves. You need to work underneath a leader who can teach you how to grow and progress to the furthest stages of your company’s business model.

That means that when you choose a sponsor, if it comes down to working underneath your best friend, or taking a position with someone further along in the company, you could be sacrificing a major advantage by going with the former option.

Choose a Committed Team

No matter who you work under directly, if they haven’t been successful at creating a committed team atmosphere, you should think twice about accepting the position.

Many people in network marketing run several businesses at the same time as a way to make multiple streams of income. But, while this plan may work for them in their personal lives - it means they have less time and attention to help you learn the ropes.

Ask The Right Questions

When you’re a new distributor, take the time to ask the right questions and communicate your goals. Make sure your mentor has enough time to dedicate to helping you get set up and walking you through your first couple of sales.

Ask to talk to others on the team and learn what it’s like to work under your future mentor. See how current team members have performed under their leadership.

The Importance of Being Coachable

Being coachable is the same thing as being teachable. You have to want to learn to be successful in business. To know how far you will go you have to look not only at your abilities but also at your attitude toward the opportunity.

There are two parts of the question of whether you should join a network marketing business — can you do it and will you do it?

Having a teachable spirit will allow things to change in your life. Don’t assume you know everything before you get started. Understand that feedback from your mentor is designed to make you a better network marketer and is critical to your success. With the right attitude and mindset, you will be able to maximize and utilize all of the opportunities that come into your life.

For More Helpful Advice Beyond Finding a Sponsor

Learning is a lifelong experience and signing up for a network marketing company can often have a significant learning curve. But, if you have a coachable attitude and the right sponsor, you’re sure to go far with your business.

Check out our blog for more tips on getting started in network marketing.

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