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Follow-Through with Follow-Up Tips: Advice to Grow your Network Marketing Business

Follow-Through with Follow-Up Tips: Advice to Grow your Network Marketing Business

Getting people interested in your network marketing business is only the first step towards a successful sale. Learn how to follow up with your leads using this helpful article.

When someone takes the time to examine your offerings, following up with them becomes crucial. If you want to make a sale, you need to close your leads.

But, you also don’t want to attack someone who is interested in your products or joining your team, bombarding them with information. It’s important to finesse their interest into a burning desire to make a purchase.

The way you follow up with one customer may not be the same strategy you use to attract another. But, developing a follow-up system can help you appeal to most leads. Then, you can address each prospect’s concerns individually.

The more times you use your follow-up system, the more confident you will become, and the more sales you will close. It just takes time and practice. Check out these tips to improve your sales technique.

1. Project an Air of Confidence

If your customers feel like you’re needy for a sale, they’re going to run in the opposite direction. You need to treat your potential customers like you don’t need them, but rather show them that your products or services will bring them value.

Keep in mind that your business will be growing with or without any one particular customer. Your success isn’t about bringing home every sale, but rather winning more sales than you lose.

Make sure that your leads know you are offering them an opportunity — whether that be joining your network, or purchasing from it.

2. Put Yourself in Control

When you are following up with a lead, it’s important that you stay in control of the conversation. Don’t let someone tell you they will get back to you when they have the time. It’s not likely to happen. If they get busy, they will take care of their other priorities first.

Instead, you should set up a specific time to follow up with a lead — whether that be in person or over the phone.

The best rule of thumb is to ask for a meeting time that works for them sometime within the next 24 hours, that way you know they will have the time set aside to talk about your products and services and the appointment won’t slip their mind.

Not only will you seem professional for setting a schedule, but you are also being courteous of the other person’s time.

3. Ask What They Liked About Your Products

Once you get on the phone to follow-up with a lead for new business or for someone to join your network, it may be difficult to get the conversation going.

One of the best places to start is by asking the lead what they liked about products you may have sold them in the past. That way, instead of putting together a long-winded marketing pitch, you can speak to the features of your products that brought your customer value.

It’s a great way to start off your conversation on a positive note. Then, you can find ways to appeal to what they already like about your products to sell them more.

Make sure that you stay away from starting off your conversation by asking your customers what they thought about your products. That leaves room for them to consider the things they didn’t like as well.

But, if someone does express a concern, make sure that you have the information available to quell their concerns and recapture their business in the future.

4. Be Prepared for Cancellations

Getting stood up for anything sucks. But, when it comes to an appointment with a potential customer, the blow can really sting. You may find yourself asking - why won’t this person answer their phone when they said they would?

Unfortunately, no matter how good of a salesperson you are, you’re bound to get stood up sometimes. Be prepared for people to not answer the phone and don’t let it get you down.

Just move on to your next lead after leaving a message. If no one calls back, you can give them a call at the same time the next day but don’t leave a message. You don’t want them to think that you’re desperate to make a sale.

Cancellations are just another part of the game. If you have to cross a name off your list, that’s okay. It will mean less time wasted in the future.

5. Talk Customers Off the Fence with Validation

When you approach someone about purchasing a product or joining your team, some people will be excited and want to sign up right away, others will say no and give you a long explanation for why network marketing can’t work for them.

But, most people you approach will be on the fence — particularly if they have never heard of the company you work for or its products and services before.

If that’s the case, and someone asks to know more about your business, it’s important that you give them the right information to validate their sale.

They’re looking for you to tell them how your product or service can bring them value. They may also want you to define why your products are superior to others in the marketplace.

To better convince them of making a purchase, start by asking yourself, “On a scale of 1 to 10, where is this person in their decision-making process?”

Don’t leave anyone feeling lukewarm about what you have to offer.

If someone seems interested in learning more, bring them in closer. Consider setting up a meeting for them with someone from your upline or meeting with them in person to show them more about your company.

That way, you’re leveraging all of the tools available to you and you can focus on making a positive first impression.

6. Create a Date for Another Follow-Up

Sometimes following-up requires another follow-up. And when that happens, that’s perfectly fine.

Most people will need repeat exposures to your products and services before they are able to make a decision.

No matter how many exposures a prospect needs, set that next appointment and approach it with the right attitude.

This will be the time you give them enough information. This will be the time that you demonstrate the value of your products. This will be the time that you make a sale.

7. Ask for a Decision When the Time is Right

Following-up with leads is a huge part of any network marketing plan. But, until you ask your potential customer to make a purchase, they remain just a lead.

After you answer all of someone’s questions about your products or services, consider steering the conversation towards what it takes for the person to get started.

Ask them questions like:

  • So, do you see this as an opportunity for yourself and your family?
  • Are you ready to get started right away?
  • What can I do to help you prepare to start your own business?

Make it clear the support and resources that are available to your prospect from your upline and company so they can see the value in their work.

For More Help With Your Network Marketing Business

Running a network marketing business is about more than just securing leads and following-up. But, that is a major factor in your success.

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