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The Next Generation of Network Marketers: Social Media Influencers

The Next Generation of Network Marketers: Social Media Influencers

Running your network marketing business on social media is like walking on a tight-rope. It’s hard to know how to post without going overboard. Check out these social media for network marketing tips to get started.

Many network marketers use social media as a primary way to drive sales to their business. But, their posts can often come off salesy and insincere.

And then there are those people who post product pictures all of the time. Being friends with them you tend to forget whether it’s a company or a person behind the page.

On the other hand, there are social media influencers who rarely mention their products at all. Are they really able to sell anything?

Getting involved in social media for network marketing can mean losing friends, getting blocked, or hearing people call your messages spam. Sometimes it can even feel like you’re shouting your message into a void.

But, then there are those people who are able to do it so seamlessly, so flawlessly that it works.

They post things that are relatable to their audience, start a conversation, and bring up their products personally to the people they think they can help.

Social Media Tips for Network Marketing Professionals

Now that you understand how social media influencers are killing it in the network marketing game, it’s time to use some of their tactics to maximize your branding efforts.

As a small business owner, you need to put yourself out there. Let your potential clients and coworkers know who you are by sharing your story. Use these helpful tips:

Keep it Personal

From your name to your picture, your social media profile should show who you really are. People want to get to know the real you.

Don’t have a great photo to use? Consider hiring a professional photographer to take some snapshots of you in your favorite outfit.

Tell Your Story

People aren’t going to social media to buy products. But, they end up doing it anyways. Your selling process should start with being social. Engage with your friend’s and follower’s list.

Your goal is to drive up your engagement rate so that people start messaging you asking you about your business while they’re on social media.

Start by telling your story so that people can relate to you. Your story is one way you can offer value to potential customers before asking them to buy something from you in return.

Sell Your Lifestyle

Most people want to live a fun and free lifestyle - that’s why a lot of people are attracted to network marketing. So when you are posting to social media, make sure you’re putting out the right message. Post photos of your family, pictures of you traveling and images of the things you’re doing and eating.

The more you post, the more people will be able to get to know the things you like and begin to trust your opinion on things like the right products to use.

Leave People Feeling Good

If you want a simple way to get started generating more interest on your social media accounts, consider reaching out to between one and five people per day to give them a compliment that genuinely makes them feel good.

Keep in mind, this isn’t the time to share a call to action or a link to your business. All you’re trying to do is create a community of people who are happy to hear from you and want to help you be successful in your business.

Don’t Put Your Company’s Name Out There

When you put your company’s name out there, you lose control of the lead process. They may decide to get out in front of you and Google for the products they want. Or, at worst, they could decide to sign up with someone else.

Make sure you steer your leads through your own process, letting them get to know the products and services your company offers over time.

Ask People to Message You Directly

Sharing the success you’ve had will make people wonder what you’ve done that’s made all the difference. When that happens, encourage them to message you directly so you don’t come off salesy on your page.

For More Help With Your Network Marketing Business

Now that you know how to navigate social media for network marketing, you’re ready to start posting and interacting with your followers.

And if you are looking for an efficient way to post and distribute content across social media platforms, check out our network marketing app.

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