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Tips for Recruiting New Team Members

Tips for Recruiting New Team Members

Adding new team members is key to your growth as a network marketer. Check out our strategies for attracting and adding to your downline here.

Depending on the network marketing company you represent, you may have a variety of recruitment materials at your disposal.

Some companies provide their reps with videos, pamphlets, infographics, websites, training, and more when they get started. This information can be used to educate new recruits on the products and services your company offers its representatives.

But, a lot of people are also out there doing it all on their own. Creating their own sales and marketing materials to help build and train their team.

Whether you have a whole slew of resources at your disposal or if you’re brainstorming your own strategy, check out these tips for recruiting new team members.

Keep Your Network Marketing Company Downline Active

Before we start talking about adding more members to your team, we need to talk about losing team members. In order to have a healthy downline, you have to be active.

Stay in contact with your downline so that you can anticipate their needs and show them you care. That way, you will have strong relationships with everyone on your team leaving them to feel happy, satisfied, and productive. Then, they’ll be more likely to stick around in the business with you for the long haul.

Introduce Your Upline Early

If you’re new to network marketing, you want to use your upline as much as possible to help you add new recruits to your downline. They will know what to say, how to say it, and when to say it.

Before you get a potential new recruit on the phone, consider adding someone from your upline onto the call straight from the get go. They can handle steering your recruit through the conversation while you take notes on how and why they said certain things that get someone to sign up.

While you may think it would seem strange to a new recruit, they’ll be happy there is someone there who can answer all of their questions and they will end the call feeling assured of your company’s mission and message.

Stay Persistent When Recruiting

Just because someone says they aren’t interested in network marketing right now, doesn’t mean they can’t be convinced or have a different impression of the business in the future. It’s up to you to demonstrate your success to your network so that others are encouraged to join you.

Just keep putting your best foot forward, no matter what kind of feedback you get from potential recruits and be persistent with following up with anyone who seems unsure of your business and curious about what you do. That curiosity could translate into future growth for your team.

Listen for Opportunities in the Conversation

Once you have the chance to get someone on the phone, you may have the desire to steer them through a powerpoint, or give them some sort of long-winded download about your company, its network, and the products and services you provide.

But, having a conversation like that can make the other person feel overwhelmed and unheard. Instead, consider making your call about the needs and interests of your prospect.

Ask them what is going on in their life. Are they struggling with money? Do they have two kids about to start college and a bunch of free time? Have they tried any network marketing opportunities in the past?

Gathering this kind of information can help you tailor your presentation to how it can help whoever you’re speaking with specifically. Then you can take that opportunity and share how your company can help benefit them well into the future.

Keep Your Downline Organized

Once your downline reaches a critical mass, you’re going to have trouble remembering details about each of your team members. It’s important to have a system for documenting important information about each team member such as their birthday, anniversary, goals, etc.

Not only will this keep you organized, but your recruits will be happy when you remember their special days like the day they joined, the day they made their first sale and other key milestones they have achieved.

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