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Common Misconceptions You May Have to Respond to as a Network Marketer

Common Misconceptions You May Have to Respond to as a Network Marketer

As a network marketer, you’re going to have to respond to a lot of questions about your business. Check out the biggest myths about network marketing and what you can say to debunk them here.

Putting yourself out there is the foundation of running a network marketing business. But, sometimes, people respond to your messages in a negative way.

Unfortunately, that’s part of the game in sales. Not everyone is going to see your vision. But, if you know how to respond to criticism, sometimes it’s possible to turn a nay-sayer into a potential lead.

While that may sound optimistic, you can start by learning how to respond to the biggest myths about the MLM industry. Then, you can use your own personal network marketing statistics to tell the truth about network marketing.

Myth # 1 Network Marketing is Actually an Illegal Pyramid Scheme

In order to qualify as an illegal pyramid scheme, a business has to have a structure where revenue is derived from signing up net participants rather than selling quality products.

Legal network marketing opportunities offer distributors the chance to sell quality services and products to consumers. Recruiting new members is secondary, allowing distributors to increase their sales volume by becoming part of a team.

Many network marketing teams are actually rather small and work together to create content, inspire each other, and share ideas.

In an illegal pyramid scheme, only the people who get in early end up making big money. But, in a lot of today’s network marketing opportunities people at the bottom are generating revenue and have the ability to move up quickly.

Myth # 2 Network Marketing Doesn’t Work

The direct selling industry is worth billions of dollars. There is no reason why you can’t get a piece of that pie. Success or failure will be determined by your ability to adapt and learn, choose the right team and products, and the amount of time and effort you put into it.

If you are new to network marketing or considering a new opportunity, make sure you check out our articles on examining a network marketing opportunity and finding the right sponsor before you make any final decisions.

Myth # 3 Most People Fail at Network Marketing

While it’s true that not everyone will be a successful network marketer, that’s no reason you can’t be. If you work consistently at your business and are willing to learn and adjust, you can absolutely find success as a network marketer.

Start by setting measurable goals and building towards your success and make sure you’re selling products that you truly believe in.

Myth #4 Network Marketing Is Some Sort of Cult

Many people outside the MLM industry have a negative view on network marketing companies and often refer to them as cults. Much of this comes from the recruitment aspect of network marketing and is fueled by the misconceptions outlined in this article.

Be ready to respond when someone raises questions or compares your business to a cult. Educate non-believers about your business and redirect their attention on your products or services and how they can benefit from using them.

More Help Choosing the Right Network Marketing Opportunity

Like other businesses, network marketing works best when you’re selling a great product with high demand and limited supply. Look for a company and opportunity that you can stand behind.

For more guidance on selecting the right network marketing opportunity, check out our blog post on how to evaluate a compensation plan.

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