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Tracking Your Leads: Tips for Following Your Customers from Interest to Sale

Tracking Your Leads: Tips for Following Your Customers from Interest to Sale

Knowing how and when to communicate with your leads is a critical and necessary skill to build a successful network marketing business. Use these tips to start converting leads to customers.

It’s easy to sell your products to a prospect that is already interested. They’ve had a chance to do their preliminary research and know that what you offer is a potential solution.

At that point, all you have to do is follow up with them and answer their questions. When you’re in front of the right people, they will choose you over your competition.

But, if you really want to make it to the top tier of your company, you’re going to need to learn how to get people interested and how to convert someone who isn’t interested into a prospect. Check out these tips for lead generation to get started.

Paint the Picture

Show people what they can do with the products you sell by painting a picture of your lifestyle on social media. Don’t just share images of your products, share happy and energetic lifestyle photos of the people that use them.

Create a Sense of Urgency

You never want to use scare tactics to try to make a sale, but creating a sense of urgency in your prospects can help get them off the fence.

Consider offering them a short-term discount or incentive to get them started. You can also state your companies guarantee or refund policy if they offer some sort of satisfaction guarantee. That way, you lower the barrier to purchasing your products.

You should also emphasize the immediate benefits that your products offer. Once you have a solid understanding of the problems your prospect needs to solve, you can emphasize how your product would provide immediate relief.

Let your prospects know that your offer is limited and that they need to make a decision and then follow-up with them on a schedule to ensure you close the deal.

You should have a system in place so that you can follow-up with leads in a timely manner.

Keep the Conversation Going

The best way to nurture your leads is to keep a conversation going. If you aren’t successful the first time you pitch, keep trying. Build a level of trust with your prospect by turning their “no” into a “not right now”.

Consider connecting with your prospect on social media after having a great conversation. Not only will they be able to see the content you offer, but you’ll be able to gain valuable insight into the products they might be using and how they feel about them.

Ask for Feedback

If you can get your prospect to purchase from you one time, and they will give you feedback about your products, then they just might want to take you up on it. Consider offering your products at an introductory rate in exchange for a thorough review.

That way, you’ll have the opportunity to follow up and potentially sell that person more products in the future and you’re opening the door to stay in touch with them longer which can help you win them over with a later offer.

Send a Thank You Note

Let your customers know that you appreciated their purchase by following up with a nice note and asking them for feedback about a week after they buy. Make sure that you do it in a way that makes it a nice experience for your client. A handwritten card is best, but a social media message will do.

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